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Emma Catherine Wilson
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Hello, Lovelies. My name is Emma Catherine Wilson. I do hope you like my art and stories.
1. You must answer these truthfully!
2. You have to be in The-Warriors-Guild to do it~
3. You need at least 1 character, though its more fun with more than one!
3. Have fun and after, tag 5 twg friends and have 10 facts!

1. Hello! I'm Dapplekit of Starclan, before we go ahead with anything what's your name?
Hello, My name is Greenbug. 
Hey, Dapplekit, I'm Dotpaw.
I'm Scoutkit! :D
2. Okay so we know your name, how about your clan?
 Erm, that's a little problematic for me actually. I was born in Pebble, then during the fire I was put in Dawn, then there is this Sunclan developing. However, I was born and raised in Pebbleclan. 
Well, at the moment I'm in Dawnclan, however both of my parents are from Pebbleclan.
I-I'm gonna be in Sunclan! 
3. Have you met any cat? Perhaps someone special?
Sure, I've met and chatted with lots of cats, however the someone special is my mate Shorelight. No cat can bear comparison to him. ///blushes\\\ I miss him a lot.  
I know a lot of cats, but I don't, um , I mean I haven't exactly talked with anyone yet. I just know names to faces...
4.  Been in a war yet?
I was born during, or right before the Great War. I lived during the fire ad it looks like another War is going to flare up if something doesn't cease Snowclan. 
No, but both of my parents did. Even though I've never met them, I'm very proud of them in that sense.
5. What's your favorite thing to do in your clan?
Probably hunt and border patrol. 
Not picking ticks and fleas of elders!
Playing with my friends!
6. If you were to be based off a character, which character would it be? ((Anime, movie, or tv character~))
Hmmm, probably Wirt from Over The Garden Wall. In the sense that we can both be pretty paranoid, have a pretty could eye and our intelligence. 
Definately Steven from Steven Universe
Oh! Oh! I know! Grizz from the show We Bare Bears!! 
7. If you WERE to die, how do you think it would be like?
Oh, um you know...I haven't really thought about that. erm, wow, dark subject. Probably....dying of old age or I'd like it to be like that. 
Umm, Drowning. Green says swimming isn't all that bad, but...I don't know...
Hmm, probably....I don't know....Oh! probably getting sick. 
8. What would be your theme song?





~ Greenbug has been around for a full year.

~Dotpaw's parents are Ashtail and Niptail. He only remembers is dad just a little bit because they were moving territories at the time, therefore, he was always being carried by the scruff. His mother died in Childbirth.

~ I created Scoutkit the day before New Years Eve

~Greenbug's family is pretty much half gone. His biological father left, his mother is dead, and his older brother Blazefang is dead. 

~Dotpaw's warrior name will not have Tail in it, solely because he thinks its kinda beautiful his parents who loved each other had the same prefix. Plus, he wants a cool one like Dotstrike.
~Scoutkit took almost a half an hour to create and design. She has a fairly simple design, which is unlike Green and Dot who both have stripes and freckles. This is because I wanted her to appear plain and simple, but ave a abundance of personality.
~After raising Dotpaw, Green has started thinking that maybe one day, him and Shore may adopt their own babies. 

~Dotpaw is afraid of water, which is strange since both of his parents and the cat who raised him are from a water loving clan. 

~Scoutkit is a mixture of Blazefang and Niptail, because I miss my babies. 



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